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While Google Maps has become the staple app, offering turn-by-turn navigation, traffic statistics and voice-overs, even in developing countries now, there are a bunch of good navigation apps for Android with extra features, including offline maps and more info-heavy interfaces.

The 20 Best Offline GPS Apps And Smartphone GPS Navigation ... GPS Apps: Screenshots from Alpine Quest GPS. Google Maps (iOS/Android) Easily the most elegant and up-to-date of all smartphone maps, however, they are best used with data. The Best Android GPS Apps That Are Free - Trackimo GPS Test app for Android shows GPS information taken from the device's internal GPS. Features include five screens full of information, local time in your area, sunrise and sunset times, current speed, and satellite positions in the sky. This is one of the best Android GPS apps for users who are constantly traveling. Free GPS Navigation for Android - APK Download

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5 Best Offline GPS Navigation Apps for Android to Globetrot